What We Do //

Through community collaboration and partnerships, Ocean Monmouth Health Alliance implements a variety of different chronic disease prevention projects within Ocean and Monmouth counties such as:

  • Choose Your Cover – free skin cancer screenings and education at beaches and parks

  • Cancer Survivorship

  • Cancer You Can Prevent 

    • Participate in 80% by 2018 initiative by implementing American Cancer Society’s “How to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Practice: A Primary Care Clinician’s Evidence-Based Toolbox and Guide.” in 3 Region primary care physician practices (PCP) to create systems changes and improve community clinical linkages. 

    • Raising Cervical Cancer Awareness and Increasing HPV immunizations rates

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management

  • Complete Streets – promoting healthy living by making walking and biking safe from traffic

  • Oral Cancer Screenings – Free at community sites

  • School Wellness Initiative – Implement an evidence-based Healthy Living Curriculum in two schools through its partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ocean County.

  • SCREEN (Skin Cancer Reduction Early Education Network) – free sun safety lessons for kids at school

  • Tobacco-free living at beaches, parks, and recreational areas

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